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Prenatal & Post-Partum
Breastfeeding Support
& Education

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Juana Rodriguez

BS, IBCLC, She/Her

An International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant since 1995, I have worked in health departments, hospitals, and NICUs. My experience has allowed me to assist families in various feeding situations and with many feeding issues. Being an independent provider allows me to bring my years of experience and knowledge directly to you and your family. 

When is the best time to think about breastfeeding support?

While breastfeeding is one of the healthiest and most natural ways to feed your baby, nursing does not always come naturally to all new parents and newborns. There can be some unexpected challenges. Sadly, many new parents give up in the first month.

There is no need to give up – help is available to you.


In Person or Virtual Consultations

During a lactation consultation you can expect to have a discussion of your breastfeeding goals and concerns. I will want to know more about your breastfeeding journey so far, including any challenges you have been facing. I will also ask about your baby's health and feeding habits. This will help me create a plan with you for you to have a sucessful breastfeeding journey

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance plans do provide coverage for this service, but sometimes it is best to know for sure. As an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, I offer insurance processing services through The Lactation Network. The Lactation Network can help confirm your coverage on my behalf, so we can focus on reaching your breastfeeding goals.


Parents Recommend

Alesia S.

Juana was absolutely amazing and very understanding of the struggles I had with being a single mom and breastfeeding. She never made me feel judged but rather worked with me to find a way for me to do it and still fit in all the other things I needed to do in my day. She was wonderful with my daughter and I could tell she truly cared about both of us! I would absolutely use her again!

Olivia C.

I couldn't Recommend Juana Enough! She saved my breastfeeding journey, i was having problems with getting mastitis and clogged ducts almost daily...she showed/informed me on multiple ways to help/ how to latch properly to help prevent and it's been a saving grace!! So thankful.

Emily N.

I am truly so grateful to Juana for the time she spent with me to help me with my breastfeeding and pumping goals. This is my third little one and my hope has been to breastfeed longer than 5 months. While I was skeptical I could do it, Juana’s guidance and support gave me the confidence I needed to continue this journey. I am truly so excited to continue working with her !
Her professionalism, kindness and excitement to help her clients is evident in all she goes !
Thank you Juana, Enzo and I appreciate you more than words!


Helpful Tips from IBCLC Juana - Lactation Whisperer

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